Learn, Act, Impact: Global Leaders Today

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It’s important to keep your skills sharp, and it’s even more important to give back. That’s why Catchafire is such a great website: it connects nonprofits with professionals who are looking to do pro-bono work. It’s been described as “eHarmony for nonprofits”.

This past year, I connected with the founder of a new nonprofit, called Global Leaders Today, which provides interviews from thought leaders and their action plans on how to make the world a better place. Their website is not live yet, but you can learn more about them on their Catchafire page. Each interview will be based on a certain theme, and their first theme will be women in leadership.

global leaders today, global, leaders, today, GLT, leadership, nonprofit

I connected with Salima, GLT’s founder, and was instantly impressed with her mission. My assignment was to review her existing content and craft a Mission, Vision, and Values Statement to clearly and concisely express their purpose. Here is the finished product. I can’t wait to see Salima’s vision come to life:


Global Leaders Today fosters a global community of knowledge, compassion, and action.

Learn, Act, Impact

Global Leaders Today produces media programs bringing actionable insights from change makers. The visionaries we interview share their stories and their personal roadmaps on how to make a difference. By igniting conversations around contemporary issues and delivering curated action plans, we seek to disrupt existing news that merely informs and raises awareness. Global Leaders Today serves as a bridge between thought leaders and users who want to be leaders themselves.

Our Values

We believe our compassionate and smart audience is empowered to help global causes. With the appropriate actionable knowledge, they can show leadership and make a lasting impact. We think that people’s attention is precious and rare; we want to use it to spark action and change.

Does your nonprofit need a Mission, Vision, and Values Statement to express your purpose?


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